Heartland MPG

Heaartland MPG

“Going Green” and owning an bulky travel trailer are not two things that typically go together. However, there is nothing more “green” than hitting the old dusty trail for a camping adventure. So when did the divide between a green lifestyle and owning your own boxy travel trailer become so large? Well as RVs and travel trailers become better and more luxuries, they typically become bigger. While often, bigger really is better, if a gas guzzling RV doesn’t float your boat there are alternatives.

Say hello to the Hearltand MPG micro-lightweight travel trailer.

Going green doesn’t mean you have to be trapped in the Stone Age. This little gem brings together the fun and adventure of the outdoor lifestyle a touch of extra convenience and class.

Heartland made the MPG the ultimate light weight travel trailer. It has been built and manufactured to Heartland’s superior quality standards. This Heartland model is both durable and beautiful inside and out. It has all the amenities you would want in a full sized trailer, but in a package that can be towed by today’s crossovers and smaller SUVs. It takes advantage of an advances rounded shape to make it more aero dynamic during the haul. It is small enough to go anywhere, but features enough space to keep you comfortable when you get there. The four floor plans offer a enough variety to fit your exact needs. The unique floor plans offer everything from bike storage to an extra hanging bed to a full u-shaped dinette,

If you live an active lifestyle the Heartland MPG is a must have for your outdoor excursions. After a long dang biking a trail or kayaking on the rapids the MPG is the perfect place to unwind. You can cook a refueling meal in the galley or unwind in your comfortable bed. A good night sleep and a hearty meal provide the energy you need for days in the great outdoors. The MPG gives you all the tools to optimize your “green” travel lifestyle.

Want to find the best place to explore the Heartland MPG. Visit the Dave Arbogast RV Depot in Troy, OH to see one in person. If viewing the MPG from home is more convenient visit our website, for more pics and info. While you are there feel free to browse our extensive inventory of new and used RVs and travel trailers.

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